1. Prepare for trouble, and make it double!

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  2. iconuk01:

    It’s images like this that just make me wonder who ever thought the red stripe and spiked gauntlets etc was EVER a good idea.

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    Employee Manuals…Probably

    Sometimes the employees of a company are so consistent in the way they perform a certain task, it seems that’s how they must have been trained.  Here, without naming names, are these companies’ employee manuals…probably.

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    look at squirtle being all excited aw 

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  7. Hiroshima

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    There’s no doubt that getting booted out of work is humiliating to talk about. But sometimes there are “getting fired” stories that are just too hilarious to keep secret.

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    Tbh really disappointed that I got absolutely no love for this stream of absolute genius this morning on the train. 


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    Full Gallery

    If You’re Desperate for Attention This Mouth Piece is Perfect 


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    Commercialism is an artform. Now go support the arts by buying shit.

    Finish 10 Genius Advertisements That Know Exactly What They’re Doing